Excerpts from the German dolphin aid NEWS


Charity Golf for dolphin aid
On June 26, 2004 a charity golf event organized by Mrs.Daniela
Rottermund took place at the golf club in Duesseldorf Hubbelrath. The
event was under the patronage of Mr.Howard Carpendale. 72 players
enjoyed a wonderful day followed by an evening gala - bringing the total
number of guests to 150.

Dolphin's Night 2004
Taking place on July 10th in the Hotel "Landhaus Milser", owned by
dolphin aid ambassador Rolf Milser this event was also a big success.
Among the famous guests were new ambassador Barbara Becker, the
actor Goetz Otto, the singer Irena Moebus, TV presenter Birgit
Lechtermann and the patron of dolphin aid prince Leopold von Bayern.
Mr.Rudolfo Pizziolo, co owner of the newly opened therapy center in
Curacao together with his wife and son flew in from Curacao for the event.

Helpful Hints
Professor Dr. Klaus Michael Groll is advising on last will and testament in
order to keep a disabled child financially secured.

New dolphin aid ambassador
In addition to Barbara Becker Mr.Norbert Dobeleit former athlete and now
head of the sport division of the TV stations Pro7 and N24 has joined
dolphin aid as new ambassador.


On June 20, the indoor swimming pool of Hoerde organized a big
children festival for dolphin aid. 1.585,-- Euro were raised during this

NSA - the Norwegian agency of navigation a tour operator for the
Norwegian mail-boats collected an additional 1.032,-- Euro for dolphin

Fire men and paramedics were holding their "Rescue-Days". During
this event an open house was held on October 3, 2004.

The gospel chorus "Spirit of Joy" from Moenchengladbach will hold a
benefice concert on November 26. Instead of an admission the choir is
asking for donations for dolphin aid.

The German society for the salvation of dolphins
During their last press release the German society for the salvation of
dolphins founded by Mr.Rollo Gebhart referred to questionable therapy
facilities. The cruel swimming with dolphins in captivity seems to become
the favorite summer vacation amusement. At the expense of dolphins a
lot of money is earned. There is little in some case no consideration for
the needs of the dolphins. Slowly but surely dolphins are tortured to

The counselors of parents of dolphin aid
The few full time employees of dolphin aid are trying their very best to
answer all questions of parents but sometimes there is simply not enough
time. Not only for this reason the counselors of parents are one of the
most valuable instruments of our organization. Participating are Mrs.
Claudia Bade, Mrs. Maria Boerner, Mr. and Mrs. Broduhn, Mrs. Claudia
Neubauer, Mr. Heinz Geiger, Family Werthmann, Mrs. Anette Lindner, Mrs.
Heidi Bakala, Family Kronfeld, Family Kuehne and Mrs. and Mr. Dr.

Hello from Florida
By now Leo the baby dolphin is a little bit more than one year old. He is
developing fine and seems to be a happy little dolphin boy.

Dolphin therapy in Benidorm - Spain
Since four years this therapy is offered in the amusement park
MUNDOMAR in Benidorm. This therapy is a "real" dolphin therapy under
the management of Mr.Branko Weitzmann a qualified therapist. It is the
goal of this therapy to work on the weakness of each child. It is not a
swimming with the dolphins under the surveillance of animal trainers. In
combination with other therapies offered higher success is being
guaranteed. The therapy is free of charge. It is sponsored by the park and
financed through donations. The dolphins do not have to "work" during
therapy. There are two groups of dolphins consisting of four dolphins each
available for therapy. (Out of 16 dolphins of the second largest delphinium
of Europe.) Every three hours the dolphins are being exchanged. During
therapy the dolphins are not being controlled by a trainer but interact free
and natural just like the child. Therefore only the therapist, the child and
the dolphins are allowed in and on the water. Thus the dolphins and the
child will not be distracted. The main component of this therapy is the
treatment of the psychological effects of the various illnesses. The
management also developed a post-therapy questionnaire in order to be
able to follow up in changes in the child during and up to one year after
therapy. Mr.Branko Weitzmann is trained as a psychologist, physio
therapist, diving instructor and chiropractor. He possesses a lot of
experience with children and their special needs in combination with
animal assisted therapy in general (horses and sea lions). But especially
with dolphins.

They offer to weeks of therapy per year for children who come the first
time. For children who had been with them previously they offer one week
of therapy. The waiting list is about one year. However, Spanish children
are to be preferred. In the month of July and August no kids other than
Spanish kids can be admitted.

The children must be between 5 and 15 years, free of contagious
illnesses, no open wounds, no epileptic seizures in an acute state, no
schizophrenia in an acute state. They have to have head control, no fear
of water or strangers and they must be able to swallow.

The most common diagnosis are

physical and mental retardation without common cause
physical impairment
mental impairment with or without chromosome defect
infantile cerebral paralysis
hemi and tetra paralysis
abused children

Friday brothers and sisters may participate in therapy. Saturday the same
applies to parents. Mr.Weitzmann is an instructor for first aid. A doctor is
present in the park at all times. There are several hospitals in Benidorm.
So far more than 8.000 sessions have been successfully concluded in this

News from dolphin aid America
On November 5, the gala event from dolphin aid America will take place at
"The Palms Hotel" in Miami Beach.